Multi user editing with vpn

Hi Guys, i have to use multi user editing with my team, for the distance we have to use a VPN, i ve done a VPN with OpenVPN, it works great, but my clients can t display my session, i ve reade that is a frequent problem, i ve read and applied the ADVANCED MULTI USER EDITING tips of ue4 (, but it is unsucsefully, now i ask to community an help to how to set UE4 for Multi user Editing with VPN

Hello Chris,
just to make sure did you:

  • set on server the unicast endpoint to be its proper IP address, make sure there is not several network interface
  • set on client the static endpoints as IP of the server
  • set on server “Engine/Programs/UnrealMultiUserServer/Saved/Config/<platform> Engine.ini” the unicast endpoint of the server
  • Again on server “Engine/Programs/UnrealMultiUserServer/Saved/Config/<platform> Engine.ini” set the staticendpoints using IP of your clients

The last line was necessary to make it work on my network.

You can have a look there Multi-User Editing - Connecting in corporate environment - Pipeline & Plugins - Epic Developer Community Forums

If you still have the issue we will need to try replicate on our own vpn

Maybe you have some problems with your proxy, and you have to reset your computer settings.