Multi user editing with vpn

Hi Guys, i have to use multi user editing with my team, for the distance we have to use a VPN, i ve done a VPN with OpenVPN, it works great, but my clients can t display my session, i ve reade that is a frequent problem, i ve read and applied the ADVANCED MULTI USER EDITING tips of ue4 (, but it is unsucsefully, now i ask to community an help to how to set UE4 for Multi user Editing with VPN

Hello Chris,
just to make sure did you:

  • set on server the unicast endpoint to be its proper IP address, make sure there is not several network interface
  • set on client the static endpoints as IP of the server
  • set on server “Engine/Programs/UnrealMultiUserServer/Saved/Config/<platform> Engine.ini” the unicast endpoint of the server
  • Again on server “Engine/Programs/UnrealMultiUserServer/Saved/Config/<platform> Engine.ini” set the staticendpoints using IP of your clients

The last line was necessary to make it work on my network.

You can have a look there Multi-User Editing - Connecting in corporate environment - Unreal Engine Forums

If you still have the issue we will need to try replicate on our own vpn