Multi user editing session problems

In UE, after I start the server, when I try to make a session, it says "An attempt to create a session with name ‘A’ was made, but the server did not have any repository mounted to store it!

And it was working just fine a day ago, didn’t even change anything.

Did you find a solution to the problem?

Check your config file: \UE_4.25\Engine\Programs\UnrealMultiUserServer\Saved\MultiUser\Repositories.json

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Hey there, any news on this problem?

Deleting the config file mentioned by KRusl worked for me (make a backup just in case)

thanks you so much !! I was working for a while did a windows restart for a performance refresh and got this problem. But the solutions to delete this file fixed the error for me, thanks.

LogConcert: Error: [Failure] Failed to Create Session 'hr' - Session 'hr' could not be created. The default repository used to store sessions files is not mounted. Reason: Repository locked by another process. - See Details...