Multi-User Editing - Connecting in corporate environment

Hi - We are testing the multi-user editing plugin that recently shipped with 4.22 and have been following the quickstart.

We can set up a server however can’t seem to connect to it from another machine on our network.

Is there a way to directly connect to a PC via IP address rather than through the session browser and/or are there any config settings available for working across corporate networks for this? I assume as this has been extensively tested in production environments that these kind of issues have been worked through as I would expect some of the key film studios and VFX houses would have pretty tight security on their systems and assets where these toolsets have been tested.

Just an update - when we’ve previously tested multi-user examples we had similar issues with sessions not showing up. Inputting an IP for the machine directly we were able to connect. If there is any way to be able to do this with multi-user editing that would be really helpful.

Hello David,

There is already a way to avoid the auto discovery of session and use an IP address. It is on the clients page.

Does that fail too?

Connecting over IP works fine from multi user templates however when using the virtual production plugin to do this as a multi user editor session it becomes a problem as that appears to only see sessions and not allow for a direct IP connection

Sorry David I read too fast.

In order to set-it up here I had to follow the description in this page

  1. On Server Machine: set the local IP address for my server machine in project settings
  2. On Server Machine: set the local IP for the Multi-User Editing server in Engine/Programs/UnrealMultiUserServer/Saved/Config/<platform>/engine.ini and restart the “Launch Multi-User Server”
  3. On Client Machine: specifying the Server Address for the Unreal Editor

No worries - Thanks - I’ve followed the steps however it still doesn’t appear to be connecting.
I’ll recap the steps I’ve taken:
(I’ve taken my IP from IPConfig and for reference in these steps I’ll refer to it xx.x.xx.192)

  1. On server machine, under ProjectSettings>>Plugins>>UDP messaging - Unicast Endpoint: xx.x.xx.192:0

  2. On server machine, in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Programs\UnrealMultiUserServer\Saved\Config\Windows\engine.ini I have added the following text (note the ini file was empty before I added this text:


  1. On client machine *ProjectSettings>>Plugins>>UDP messaging - *Static Endpoints **xx.x.xx.192:6666 **(note that Unicast endpoint is also set the as per step 1)

  2. Have restarted both editors (just to be sure) and have launched multi user server on the server machine which has gone live and gone green and I have been able to set up a session

  3. The second machine still can’t see the server session

I have done two sanity checks:

  1. I have opened two editors of the same project on the host machine. On one, I can set up a session and on the other I can successfully connect
  2. I have double checked that I can still connect between a built multi user template project using xx.x.xx.192 as the host IP - which I can still do meaning both machines “can” possibly connect

On my config

step 2) I copied the code but changed the line about unicastEndpoint


step 3) I added the static endpoint but did not change the unicast endpoint and left it as

Apologies in step 2 I had the correct IP in my endpoint (I had copied/pasted the code snippet from your webpage for the post without updating the IP). Also followed your suggestion for step 3 however no luck.

I’ve attached setting screens from the server and client windows to make sure everything is appearing ok. Unless I’ve overlooked something, I’m sure I’ve followed the instructions to the letter.

To close the ticket, the missing part was to also add
+StaticEndpoints=IP of client 1
+StaticEndpoints=IP of client 2

in the engine.ini of the multi user server. The online documentation will be changed accordingly

Many thanks for the help sorting this out!