Multi-user edit importing asset issue


Short text describing our setup:
Currently I am testing out the MultiUser edit feature for our team, focussing on game development.
Our multiuser server is located on a rented dedicated server in a datacenter, remote for all team members.
We use OpenVPN client to a PFSense FW openvpn server, located on the host, where every team member connects to.
Static endpoints point in our clients towards our MultiUser server and works great.
The remote server has a 1Gbps up and downlink to the internet. Me, as a test client have a 70Mbps download and 15Mbps upload connection.

I’ve did minor static editor modifications to allow the MultiUser server to be ran seperatly without editor. (Workarrounds on baserevision, engine version etc)
The custom build editor is shipped as binary build to our teammembers.

The issue we are having:
Working together to place, modify and update the world and assets is fully functional.
But, whenever someone imports a bigger asset, for example a character from Mixamo with skin, the client importing, starts flooding his network with udp packets with the server as destination.
CPU and Memory keeps rising, eventually crashing the client and even the server. Observed data floods were arround 500Mbps on the LAN. (Which are dropped by the local router)

Memory usage on the server keeps increasing too, making the server unresponsive.

Uploading small assets, eg an animation, no issues are rising.

I do have a screencapture and a packet capture with the problem showed.

The potential fix?:
When the multiuserserver is run locally on my own machine, I see both on the server and client a memory spike when importing assets, but eventually it succeeds.
There seems to be no bandwidth limitation/control on the udp flows, hence the udp flood towards the server?
Since the server has a fast connection, but our local clients have slower internet, it takes too long to submit the assets?
Is there any way to force TCP as the “static endpoint” or limit the maximum UDP bandwidth?

Is this still a known issue with the MultiUser feature? In the online ue4 showcase, they were working over VPN, but did not import assets.

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I have the same issue.
Did you come to a sloution?

One of my ideas was to block the upload of the asset and upload it with an external tool to the server… but i have no idea how to block just a fresh imported asset…



I have found a workaround! Maybe someone who come across the problem with uploading “bigish” assets helps it.

  1. You will need to setup a source controll system (if you don´t haven´t allready) or just a sloution to transmit files outside of unreal.

  2. Every Client needs a second instance of Unreal…NOT THE SERVER!

With this methode Unreal do not start the CustomEvent for transmitting files. Sooooo… no crash.


*) Import the Files in the second instance of Unreal.
*) Press save all
*) Move the created .uasset files into the projectfolder you are working on
*) Don´t forget to push the files to the other clients too!!
*) Press save all
*) If you forgot to press it and you did some work. Just try to start a sync event (save a Material or something like this) The other ones should be able to catch up!
*) Have Fun!

*) I couldn´t test it much but i tryed textures an meshes mixed in a folder an it worked flawlessly!