Multi-use behaviour

I have a structure with an inventory, by default the “access inventory” is on the radial menu (along with custom additional entries added through BP).

I added snap points to allow connection of electric cabling, which seem to work.

Now if I add a snapped cable, it connects, but “access inventory” is no longer present on the radial menu, but all the other items are. (before the cable is snapped the inventory menu is there)

Any one any idea what I am doing wrong?

Very odd, looks like there is some interaction with the collision point of the cable? moving the snap point away from the origin of the item re-enables the menu item!

maybe similar to:

Problem solved but would still be interested to know what it actually was?

Sounds like your character was not able to target the actor due to the misplaced collisions. Meaning that his blueprint wasn’t required to handle any event’s telling him to show that actors “Get Multiuse” entries.

I was thinking along the same lines, but couldn’t think why it was only the inventory item that was missing.

In your BPGetMultiuse entries, make sure that if you have any execution pins that could execute(ie. Cast Failed, or an unaccounted for branch execution) that those pins are connected to the GetMultiuseEntries return node.

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