Multi use 'Action' Buttons

Greetings all,

I apologise if i have missed the answer somewhere, I’ve had a look around and not been about to find anything. At the moment I’m building a prototype and have lots of different action buttons attached to different keys but I am looking for a simple and yet accurate way to combine these all into one button without having all the actions happen at once.

I was thinking of maybe a method that involves collision triggers and maybe a line of sight ray trace, though I’ve not been able to conceptualise a way to successfully implement it.

Has anyone else managed to achieve this?


So you want a context-sensitive interface, like you would get with The Sims or ArcheAge, where the actions are dictated by the object being interacted with?

I would make the Interact interface be in the Parent blueprint, that way when you have the Interact call go out, the Children of that Parent blueprint can use whatever coding you have on them.

There’s a tutorial on this somewhere on you tube. If I find it I’ll post it. But what you want is a Function that calls ‘interact’ on objects that have that event (I believe) attached to them. Then when you call that function each type of object has it’s own type of code that it runs. It’s an Unreal Engine Tutorial so you could start looking on that channel but Interactivity was definitely in the title so if you search for UE4 Interactivity you’ll come across it.