Multi Unit Path Following


I am currently working on an RTS. I have implemented some steering behaviors (seek, lee, arrival, pathfollow,…) and everything is working pretty good.
My Problem is when multiple units are moving to the same destination at some point they overlap and try to push each other away.

I dont want to have formations like line, circle or something. I want it more to be a Starcraft 2 like approach where all Units gather randomly around the destination.
I cant figure out how I would implement this. I thought maybe I have to go with some kind of circle formation and offset each Unit by a random number but I dont think this is the best way to do it.

Btw my pathfinding is done by calling “Find Path to Location Synchronously” and using the pathfollowing steering behavior. So I am not using the UE4 MoveTo functions.

Dear Denozone,

I have a video and algorithm on this that I share here:

Getting units to clump up is not usually that hard, but getting them to step around each other ensures they will find a good spot surrounding their destination.