Multi Touch with Input Touch Event


I’ve perused the UE4 website in its entirety to find an answer about this, but no such luck. So, what I’m trying to do is use the Default Joysticks in UE4 to move my character around on my Surface Pro. The only issue is that I can only move either to left joystick, or the right joystick at a time. I can’t do both. It’s not recognizing that I have 2 fingers on the screen. Is there a proper way to set up multi-touch?


We’ve faced the same problem and no one answered us. :frowning:
Do you have any ideas what to do?..

Hi NathanielS,

InputTouch event has parameter handle that describe finger id. Try to use it.

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Hey, thanks for your reply! You’re right, and I got that working on my Android device with no problems at all. But with my Windows 8 touch device, it still only recognizes one finger at a time. :frowning:

Hi NathanielS,

Unfortunately, it looks like Windows 8 multi touch support in future plans.

im actually a noob on unrealengine but have been playing a lot with kinect sdk to create my own touch system,
and since engine 4.9 seems that is still missing multitouch input for desktop (as far as i readed)
i think it would be posible to use some app to convert native touch to osc/tuio or tcp/udp based communication with ue4

check out this project GitHub - roberttuttle/touchproxy: A remote touch injection client for Windows 8 using standard TUIO+OSC protocols, variable input calibration, and integrated hosted Wi-Fi networking for devices.