Multi touch problem on android with UMG

Hi developers and designers,

I have got a problem as you can see in my description.

Here is my Scene setup / UMG setup:

As you can see I have two buttons on the Bottom. One for moving forward and one for jumping.

Now my problem:
If I touch the left Button (moving forward) and after that the right jump Button the actor jumps like it should but after that it doesn’t move forward anymore, although I’m pressing still the left Button. To move my actor forward again I have to repress the Button again. After pressing jump again the actor stays moving forward like it should. The problem comes only if I touch the first time the jump Button.

Can someone help me please?

Here is my solution:


Thanks a lot!!!

The only thing I have to do was to deactivate ‘is focusable’ for the Buttons

kein Problem :slight_smile: