Multi touch enable in mobile(Android)?

I have two Objects in my scene which move with my finger
but when i press on the first one and then press on the second( Still pressing the first )

The second object goes to the first object ( )
which means
one finger touches the two object

what can i do to avoid this problem ???

I think this is what you’re looking for. Touch1 is whichever finger presses the screen first and stays that way until it is removed. Touch2 becomes the second finger and so on. Try only moving the object if you detect it is Touch1 that’s interacting with the screen.

can i make it with ( on input touch begin )
if i used this node how can i make it for an object ??

and what if i want to move the 2 objects at the same time ???

If I’ve got this right, and you want to move object #1 with one finger and then object #2 with another?:

When ‘Pressed’ is called, store the object that you want to associate with ‘Touch1’. When ‘Moved’ is called, if it’s still ‘Touch1’, update the location of that object. When ‘Released’ is called, clear the stored object. Repeat for ‘Touch2’ and a second a object.

Regarding the other part of your question - Looking at ‘on Input touch begin’ - I’m not sure to be honest. With the method I suggested above, you probably need some logic to detect which object you’ve selected. Maybe you could mix the methods.

Either way, I hope this helps you find a solution. Good luck.