Multi timer for different tasks?

Please help me. Is it possible to implement multi timer For different tasks ?
Time should be different for different tasks :frowning:

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Look into Timers:

Consider using actor components for this, each Task is an actor component with its own widget and Timer.

Ths! But, I did everything as a lesson, but only one Timer works. I think how to put a timer in an array of values, so that each task has its own timer, which works in parallel.

I have formed a task number. + A timer is created. But he one, and I as can’t add the second timer by means of the array

Example of a multi-timer, the timer works simultaneously

You can store Timer Handles in an array. But that would be unnecessary if you used components for this as I suggested.

Each component is instanced and has a life of its own, you can retrieve its Timer Handle at any time and add it to an array if you wish to.

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I’m not good at arrays, for me it is very difficult :frowning:

Consider using subject components for this, each task is a subject component with its own widget and timer.

I think this is a good decision, but how to do it? :frowning:

YAY, YAY, YAY!!! It’s okay!

Your decision helped ! !!

Thank you very much!