Multi-Screen Camera Feed Help

Howdy folks!

I’m fairly new to Unreal and I’m having fun experimenting with some stuff. I would like to try put together a small VR experiment wherein a player would be in the cockpit of a mech (currently obsessed with Titanfall 2). The player would be able to independently move their head to look around the cockpit, while having separate controls to pilot the mech. I would like to use a Camera Feed texture to display the outside world on panels/screens within the cockpit.

I found a very easy to follow tutorial on how to apply said feed as a texture to a basic cube/plane. My goal is to have the same feed applied to multiple surfaces, as one shared image. Imagine a grid of multiple screens all displaying one giant image, instead of each screen showing the same smaller image.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to go about this?

Many thanks!