Multi-reference - attach to node

Please. Please please please please please make a hotkey or some sort of option that allows me to connect all references to a blueprint node input. All of these are objects inside of my level that have to be set to invisible, and I have to hook up 129 individual nodes. I get that I should be using level streaming for this, but this isn’t the only situation it happens in.

I’ve kinda been waiting around since before launch hoping this would get suggested and put in the engine, but since it hasn’t been put in yet I thought I’d suggest it. :slight_smile:

You would make my year. This is the most time consuming annoyance I have found so far in UE4.

In case I wasn’t clear enough above, this is what I have to do to all 129 of those references.

Specifically this doesn’t work when used with “Set Visibility”

Could you not put/connect all the references to an array then simply use a loop to iterate through and set the visibility

I would think a better way would be to find actors of class or by tag and store them in an array, Then iterate through the array and set your visibility that way.

This would be exactly the same thing wouldn’t it? You’d still have to connect all the references…

The best way would just to have a “Connect all selected references” option when you right click a blueprint node…

No its not the same thing, if you iterate though the actors on begin play and make you array, it will never need to be changed and will continue to work if you add/take away actors/static meshes from the level. its also significantly cleaner in the BP as you don’t have to have 129 individual refs in it.

Well I do think being able to have all these references and then right click > group to array would be really cool. Maybe, if they’re all meshes, it’d be an array of meshes. Which he can then use in a loop.

Anadin is right, give them all a tag and get all objects by tag into an array, then do a for each loop. It’ll be done in a few moments. The reason for not doing it the way you’ve asked is because it’s messy.