Multi "Player Controller"

Hi guys,

I was wondering if I can use 2+ player controller to control two different Blueprint Character.
I have a gamemode with one of the two player controller set in.

How can it be done?

Thank you for the anserws


I might be wrong but I believe you can only have one Player Controller. If your goal is to let the player control different characters (and the characters have diffeent movements), you most likely want to setup your input handling logic in your Player Controller, and implement it in the Character Blueprint. If you are not sure what I mean by this, I can provide some more detail about it.

Hope I could help a bit.

Basically I want the players to choose the character to Possess.
If I have understand what u mean, I have to do all the different controls on one player controller and then select wich one I have to use by checking my Character?

Thnx for the answer btw! :slight_smile:

I don’t want to say thing like ‘you have to’ or ‘need to’ because there is no perfect way :slight_smile:

How I’d go about it tho is the following:

-First, I would create a Blueprint Interface with the functions associated with movement, for example a ‘Request Move Forward’ function would be logical (with a float input named Axis Value). I would implement this Interface in all my Character Blueprints, so they are ready to recieve the ‘Request Move Forward’ message.

-In the Player Controller I would setup my Input Events, for example ‘W Pressed’ event would fire the Interface message ‘Request Move Forward’.

-In my Character Blueprints I would simply setup the Blueprints to listen to that interface message, and when the message is recieved you can call an actual ‘Move Forward’ function (local to that Character Blueprint) and implement the movement itself.

If it is confusing at first, basically you just make the game listen to the input in the Player Controller, and send that signal to every Character and they can decide what to do when a certain key was pressed.

Very interesting! Sounds good for my game! I will try this smart method! Thank you very much!

Your welcome! I’m glad I could help, just update this post if you require some more help with it in the future! :slight_smile: