Multi Monitor Crash

Hello, when i attempt to move a window such as the content browser then add another window such as details ( as separate tabs) the editor freezes and i cannot do ANYTHING until i kill the editor using task manager. This happened 4.7(6/7) and 4.8(1/2/3)

cannot give crash log as it freezes and i have to kill it

Hi Mulldoon,

Can you send me your dxdiag info?

Also, some crashes can take a few minutes to actually “crash”. Would you mind letting the editor sit for about 10 minutes the next time this happens? Just to be sure.

-Matt W.

here is my dxdiag info, due to personal issues i haven’t had chance to use UE For a while but i should be able to tomorrow so i shall then

Marked as answered until there is a response about waiting for crash without force quitting the editor.