Multi Lock-on System

Multi Lock-on System

Hey there,

I submitted a Multi Lock-on System in the Marketplace.

What is a Multi Lock-on System?

You can quickly lock on to multiple targets that are displayed on the screen.
And aiming at target After lock-on is complete you can launch the missile.

You can use the 2D mode to display the marker at UMG.
You can also use 3D mode to display a marker on the 3D space for virtual reality.

In order to use the lock-on system uses a dedicated game mode, you only need to attach a dedicated component to the actor to lock-on target.
Marker class, etc. to be used in the lock-on system can be changed to suit the project by utilizing the interface.
Please see the video for instructions from the initial level to be able to launch and lock-on.



How much?


Where is the Marketplace page?

Comming soon…

Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Purchased. The auto locking is amazing, but I need manual locking by using cursor.

Thank you for purchase!
Sorry, Manual lock-on is not supported.

Do you have a tutorial how to put this in our own projects?

what all do we have to migrate to our character/gamemode etc?

Inherit the interface can be integrated into existing systems.
Please follow the MultiLockOnSystemOverview tutorial.

How would one go about altering this so the character fires his shots 1 at a time sequentially?