Multi linking nodes to 1 node.

As stated, i would love an option to drag multiple nodes to 1 node with ease. Dragging nodes 1 by 1 is being quite a hassle for me especially when i have a lot of static meshes in 1 blueprint.
For example, here i have 8 static meshes in 1 object blueprint and i have to link every single 1 of them.


Including the ones in the widget blueprint, i have to drag and link 32 times in total to finish up 2 blueprints to get my functions working. I cannot imagine how am going to work with this in the future if i have like for example 50 static meshes in a single blueprint to work with. It’s going to be time consuming and definitely mistakes will be made.

p/s there’s a reason why i separated the objects into multiple parts.

So, can you please make it simpler for us, the ones who work with blueprints an easy way out?
For example, by high-lighting all the nodes that we want to use and drag it all together into the nodes we want like in the picture below?



thats even gonna work?

Yes it works. Took me 2 weeks to figure out how to link widget functions to the object blueprint.

it woudl set a material for all 7 meshes? hm, nice to know.