Multi line trace returning no hit results

Been trying to get ray trace to return every actor hit. I am using UShapeComponents for collision detection, I disable every channel on my meshes and activate them on the ShapeComponents instead. I am using ECR_Overlap but I am getting nothing hit. I tried making the ECC_ObstacleChannel block but it only returns one of the actors that get hit, not even the first (might depend how they get added to the scene). Any idea what is missing? Thanks.

void IObstacleInterface::BeginObstacle()

	ShapeComponent = GetCollisionShape();

In the Tick event…

		TArray<FHitResult> ObstacleHitResults;
		ObstacleHitResults.Init(FHitResult(ForceInit), 3);
		FCollisionQueryParams ObstacleCollisionQueryParams = FCollisionQueryParams(FName(TEXT("Trace")), true, MeshComponent->GetAttachmentRootActor());
		ObstacleCollisionQueryParams.bTraceComplex = false;
		ObstacleCollisionQueryParams.bReturnFaceIndex = false;
		ObstacleCollisionQueryParams.bReturnPhysicalMaterial = false;

		FCollisionResponseParams CollisionResponseParams = FCollisionResponseParams(ECollisionResponse::ECR_Overlap);

		if (MeshComponent->GetWorld()->LineTraceMultiByChannel(ObstacleHitResults, Current + FVector(0, 0, 50), Target + FVector(0, 0, 50), ECC_ObstacleChannel, ObstacleCollisionQueryParams, CollisionResponseParams))

Okay, my problem was the if statement. It only returns true when something collided with is Blocking. So I just removed the if and always execute the loop after to process the collided actors.

This saved me alot of trouble, thanks.

Wish I found this sooner!