Multi Line Trace - Multiple hits per object/BSP brush

I’m currently prototyping [hitscan][1] guns which penetrate walls. To get the impact locations and to measure how far the “bullets” travel through objects, I cast a multi line trace from the actor and one from the target location back to the actor.

This generally works, but it fails if the object is more complex (concave) because the “Multi Line Trace for Objects” only returns one hit per object. I checked “Trace Complex” on the traces and tried the “Multi Line Trace for Channels” too, without success. The hits on BSP brushes are also strange, I assume it is the same problem.

Is there a solution to my problem?

Edit: I also tried to work with “Use Complex Collision As Simple”, “Double Sided Geometry” and replacing the collision with multiple convex shapes.

Hi) are you found solution?

Unfortunately not, I work with Unity now (this issue is not the main reason I switched, I just like Unity’s dev environment).

maybe u can help me with other question) how to prevent “Multi Line Trace”
hit same actor several times)
for example - i shoot to enemy from side and hit: left arm->chest->right arm ) i dont need this, but want so still be able to hit other enemy with this “bullet”

It’s too long ago since I worked with UE, but I think you could just check the actor on every hit and check if it has already been hit → ignore the hit and continue.

Tywm) for quick response and advice) made it
Multi Line Trace->for loop wb->check first impact and penetration-> set var actor been hit-> applay damage
next loop check actor “actor been hit” if not equal - applay damage

i think i solve this

I just checked this out, and it does not function correctly. The last trace messes up.

i think u miss something because for me its work perfect.

1:your inrtial trace (shoot) is MultiLineTraceByChanel? and its overlap all and register hits?
2:your backtraces (for out locations) is SingleLineTracrBy Chanel? mast be blocked by first geometry they hit

in my setup Shoot trace have limited lenght? but think this not important

screens - u can’t see some of emiters because of camera angle but they all fine and spawned