Multi-level terrain

I haven’t been able to find anything that really answers my question and I feel there must be a simple solution that I’m missing, to which I’m going to ask here.

I’m using world comp to manage multiple levels but how do I get the terrains to match up? For example, I have separate levels that should flow together but they each have independent terrain and you can see the seams between levels. How can I make them seamless?
Or, am I doing it wrong? I don’t have World Machine or any other program to develop the levels so I’m doing it all from scratch in UR4.

Thank you for everyone’s help.

You can create a height map, whatever way you want, of the full sized map, and then split that up into sections that you would then use as a height map for the terrain.

You can do it from scratch in engine without touching any height maps or external programs.
I don’t actually remember how I did it but I’ll have a look at that project and see if I can remember.

Edit: Window -> Levels -> Summon World Composition -> Right click on your terrain -> Add Adjacent Landscape Level.

That should create another landscape of the same size with no seams (and you can edit/paint across where they meet perfectly).
I do remember that sometimes there would be a problem with it, I just deleted that level and re-created it.

This is on 4.4.3 I don’t know if there’s been any changes to it.

If it doesn’t work send me a PM and I’ll try it again from scratch.

Thanks, Xerithas! That’s exactly what I was looking for.