Multi layer dynamic behaviour trees don't work?

So, I got single-layer dynamic behaviour trees working.

What I have right now is -
A base behaviour tree
A dynamic behaviour tree for doing attacks with two types, one for projectile attacks, one for chasing.

I set the above up with these nodes:

The above works.

Now I want to add a behaviour tree for my AI to do their specific kind of projectile attack, so I add the following nodes


However, this tree never gets called within my ‘Project Attack’ behaviour tree. I’m guessing this is because the behaviour tree I’m attaching it to is still my ‘base’ tree that I get from the brain component. However, I don’t see a way to access the dynamic behaviour tree I’ve just attached. Is there some way for me to get this to work?

Anything here? This seems like something people would want when setting up more complicated setups of AI.

Preliminary tests seem like this may be fixed now.