Multi Graphics Card support for architects?

Most Gamers don’ t spend money on a second graphics card or a third one, but Unreal Engine 4 has a growing community of architects and design visualist’s who would be the sort to buy two or three or even four graphics cards or more if it would give them the power that they want. Will Epic be creating a plugin or something that offers a switch option for the rendering method so multi-card setups can be supported in the future? I have noticed that DirectX 12 does support multi-GPU’s even in UE4, but it does not appear to be able see more than one cards memory.

This is handled at the driver level and is based on AMD Crossfire and NVidia SLI mult-gpu support.

That’s how SLI works. Unreal uses alternate frame rendering, meaning each GPU must have all the data available to draw a frame. So it has to be duplicated around. You get more processing power, but not more memory.

AMD vega dual GPU 19-24 Tflops if that so AMD vega quad GPU should be 38-48 Tflops by right.

Yeah, I assume they designed their rendering method because it gives the engine better performance on a single card, but an option to change the rendering method so the engine can take advantage of more than one cards power and memory would be nice, and obvious to me. I mean developers and architects and designers would use that sort of option. wouldn’t they?

UE4 supports SLI for games: NVIDIA SLI Alternate Frame Rendering | Unreal Engine Documentation

But that’s intended for a game release, not within the editor.

Thanks for the link. Unreal doesn’t support Crossfire? Or the AFR will work same for either? It annoying that this obvious upgrade path is not fully supported O Well… They should support this option for the editor as well.

It says Nvidia specifically there so it’s unlikely it supports Crossfire. This type of feature is usually something that requires a special profile for the game to be added into the SLI/Crossfire drivers.