Multi GPU utilization

I noticed that only one of my two gpus are being used while using UE4. Is there a work around. Currently Im taking a performance hit and it is effecting the fluidity of the software.
GTX 590 GPU1 99% GPU2 5%.


I don’t know for nvidia sli but for ati crossfire to work properly you need to run the application in full screen, so its not possible to let your second gpu accelerate the editor because it doesn’t run in fullscreen.

This said, my dual gpu hd 6990 doesn’t kick the second gpu even when I run the game in a standalone build in full screen.
Activating the ati driver option in windows 8 64 “allow non crossfire applications to use both gpu” makes the game drastically slower in full screen.

Wow, this is good to know, I was about to buy a second graphics card. Does anyone know if the same is true for cards with dual GPU like the Geforce 690 or the new Titan Z?

The new titanZ is supposed to remove that barrier so you can use it fully anytime anywhere.

Do you have a link to that? Its a lot to spend on promised technology, and Nvidia is notorious for not living up to promises.

Couldn’t find the link. Another one i was reading was : GTC 2014: Nvidia reveals dual-GPU Titan Z, new Pascal GPU offers colossal memory bandwidth - ExtremeTech

PS: This also mentions they are fully enabled meaning what i described above (i hope)

I’m not exactly sure what you are reading but it seems like that tech isn’t for the Titan Z but only theoretical versions of chips coming in 2016. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Think you are looking way too high, Check lower down the page there is the TitanZ piece.

it doesn’t seem to say much bout the titan z other than the cost and how much horsepower it has.

Like i said, The other one i found i can’t find again right now. But it mentioned having both processors work together at all times unlike any crossfire or sli. If i come across that one again will let you know.