Multi Edit isnt working Reason: Invalid version for 'Patch Engine Version' (expected '0', got '1'))

I am trying to use multi edit but when we select join we get the error *** Invalid version for ‘Patch Engine Version’ (expected ‘0’, got ‘1’)) ***

Having the same issue. Admittedly we have had this enabled in the project but forgot about it. Recently I’d love to use it to hit record across multiple machines but I have to revert to the basics of setting this up! :joy:

I may have sniffed out another clue. I am seeing an error also indicating I may need to compile the multi-user module from source again. I’m nervous this may break something. I am a bit green when it comes to the vs side of things.


update, compiled on the machine throwing the no executable error. I can see the server in the multi-user browser but when I click to join it’s still throwing out the error