Multi-display layout issues

I’m experiencing issues with multi-monitor setup, where confirmation dialogues pop up on the utmost right edge of the right monitor, thinking it’s the “middle”. See screenshot:

This only happens when I drag the content browser onto the right screen, if I use default UE4 layout where everything is on my main screen, pop-up correctly identifies the middle-screen as “main” screen that is set to primary in windows settings.

As soon content browser is placed to the right, pop-ups about actions in the content browser, such as deleting an asset, pop up on that right screen and cut off too, not realizing the screen is in vertical position. This includes mesh/material editors, they also appear half off-screen, ignoring their saved locations.

I’ve previously been using 4.9 which had no issues with my layout and popups correctly appeared in a middle of a screen regardless if it was vertical or horizontal. Any possible way to fix this? Dragging popup to its proper place and saving layout doesn’t help, it still re-appears on the right, clipped.

P.S: Middle display is hooked up to one GPU, left and right to another. I found no setting in Nvidia control panel to dictate which GPU unreal should use as primary.

After some more searching, the solution in this thread solved my issue: Is there a config option to enable higher resolution for retina displays? - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Create shortcut to engine binary, and add " -enablehighdpi" to launch parameters.