Multi attach?

Hey everyone!

What is the best way to some multi attaching? i mean like pistol and rifle animations? i been trying with Int in the blueprints and weapons, but the animations is not change with different weapons.

i will see forward to your help here.


Hi @Briobob

A screenshot example would be very helpful. Are you trying to attach to different Skeletal Meshes together, each with its own Animation? If so you can do it in the Actor Blueprint Class by adding and Skeletal Mesh Components by Parent Bone or use AttachComponentToComponent Blueprint Node to attach by Bone.

Hi @TechLord

I was trying to add screenshots, but it’s getting me errors. i will try to add again in a few minutes.

maybe i can add it in this answer? if you want more screenshots, just let me know.

I suspect you are trying to swap animations of the Character when the Weapon is equipped (attached) depending on type of weapon: Rifle, Pistol, Bow, Wand,etc. Well, you have some problems:

Short Version:

You are not setting the INT in the Character’s AnimBP.

Long Version:

  1. The Blendspaceint Function looks like its nested within itself so it would be in a Recursive loop. Should throw a infinite loop error. I don’t see a need for it.
  2. The INT should be in the Characters BP ( not Weapon BP ), so you can set it, then access it in the Character’s AnimBP for use with the BlendPosebyInt. You can have the Weapon BP access the Characters INT on Equip and set the value directly to 0 if its the Rifle, or 1 if its the Gun, 2 if its a Bow, 3 if its a Magic Wand. etc (some would use inheritance on the Weapons Actor BP, I personally would use Actor Component for modular functionality)
  3. In the Character’s AnimBP EventGraph, you access that Character BP’s INT to set the AnimGraph’s version of the INT for the BlendPosebyInt.

oh you are right! it must be in the character! had forgot all about it, thanks man! :slight_smile:

Hi @TechLord

i ended up with this. it’s working without any problems at all.

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