Multi-Action Mapping between two characters

Hey there. I’ve been having trouble with a mechanic in my game that is very similar to the Limbo mind control puzzle scheme, but in UE4 and 3D. My main character steps onto a pad, and then can control a character (copy and pasted with some functionality removed) elsewhere. They are both using the same action mappings, such as zoom in, sprint, crouch, pick up, and many others which are all working fine. Yet one of my actions mappings (and ironically the most important) is the main puzzle input which is “Interact”, or my E button. On both characters, the “Interact” command is linked to multiple paths, each for a different puzzle mechanic that can only be used when the player is sitting on the correct pad. This multi-action mapping works just fine by itself, but when my character possesses the other character, the new character cannot use the interact command (I tried an alternate keyboard button and it worked, so that is not the problem). Worse so, when the character unpossesses and returns to my original character, he also cannot interact. I’ve narrowed the problem down to the Interact action mapping itself, nothing else is causing the problem. Here are two examples of my interact command (Both exit on the same character with the same functionality, yet they both cannot be triggered at the same time since one must be on a pad).