MUD Style Map/Level - Questions

Evening, unreal community! Been a huge fan of UE ever since udk came out. Now that I have a strong enough computer for actually building using the ue4, I want to try and make something of a social mud style rpg game. Don’t ask me why I feel the ue4 would be able to do it, but I believe in the power that is ue4, and hope to make this possible. I have a bit of a problem however… Most MUDs have a map (for those that have not played in one) that is used for navigation. I want the game I make have a more interactive window, where you can see the world as well as interact with it through the typical chatting commands.

My issue is applying the map to an actual level. Having each piece of the map as its own level would be horrendous in terms of data especially with multiplayer… so I thought what about One map with Level streaming volumes and set camera control. The camera could have a defined location and could rotate using a mouse control, similar to ue4’s viewport. Then of course I am left with how to translate that information to draw to a minimap portion of the player’s navigation hud So the player could progress through the level with the camera moving through the map, almost like its on a track.

I feel something like this could be done with blueprints, unless I require more C++ knowledge to tackle something like this. I would very much appreciate any help the community could lend me.

Thank you.