Mu - Real-Time Sequencer Cinematic - Character Animator Demo

Hello and a big shout out to the whole Unreal Community, Members of this forum, and Epic Staff !
It is my first post here but i’m a long time reader of the tutorial/debug/dev sections in blueprints and animation, so many infinite thanks for all the help and guidance i’m still finding here and in the engine doc as well.

I’m Remy Buscail, i’ve been 2D/Pixel artist in the mobile game industry for +10 years, and Character Animator using UE4 since 4 years.

This is the very first real-time cinematic i’ve ever made, and fully on my own (everything to the last details except creating the environment assets, which are all coming from Paragon and the Kyte Demo) and it’s also my most personal work since a while.
It’s called “Mu”, involving a tiny sugar glider, running for his survival and living crazy mysterious adventures.
The cinematic is like 3 minutes long and was designed as the playable cinematic intro of this imaginary yet undevelopped game.
That’s why the whole sequence is in one shot from start to finish, and also because challenges are funnier :wink: no cuts, no dialogs, full time into the choregraphy of the action/storytelling.

I’ve got two other projects to share, i promise next posts, no more tchit tchat, just cool stuff, hopefully !
The very reason for why i’m posting some work here is because i’m looking for feedbacks and critics eagerly, this is very much needed to progress and learn, please help me identify my flaws and mistakes.

Thank you so much for having taken this whole time to read and watch.