Mt Fortnite account from ps4 wont trasnsfer

I got Fortnite for the ps4 and bought everything including the battle pass and i also got to a high level . Ive recently moved to pc and i wanted to transfer my account when i tried transferring it said the ps4 account had already been linked to another email but when i set up my ps4 epic games account it didn’t say i need a email it said i need a nickname/user name Please help

,it auto-creates an account even without an email. all you have to do is go to epic games website, sign in via playstation and “upgrade” account. you have to use a different email and make an account just for the process. after you sign in with your you can either keep playing with the connected account that you just created or you can go to account settings-connected accounts- and disconnect the ps4 account. now you will be able to link your ps4 to the epic games account that you originally created, with your true email, but your progress will be the pc’s and not the ps4’s and you will need to start over.
I have had this problem and I didn’t know what to do but eventually i decided to upgrade account, even if it’s with a different email so I won’t lose all my progress

I’m in my playstation home, I open the playstation browser and I go on Epic games website from it, then what I have to do?