Mssing assets in 'The Island' map

Don’t know if anybody else encountered this issue, but before this update I could see the Obelisks, Rivers and Waterfalls within the map. These seem to be now missing…

Anything I can do to get these back?

I am close to finishing off the first iteration of my map, but I the river meshes are invisible, and since the waterfalls are missing from the Island I am pretty much stumped.

That is a common issue when your ark dev kit is not fully up to date (either through steam verification) or plugins/binaries provided from the github.

You are loading the desired levels through “Window” and then “Levels” correct?

Well Il be damned… that was it… the levels were not visible.

Thanks for your help… :slight_smile:

No problem! I had the same issue, and didn’t know till someone informed me lol