MSSAO(Multi-Scale Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)

As we know SSAO is very cheap and reliable ao soluiton but you absolutely pinpoint where it lacks: "details". I considered using VXAO but it is not cheap HBAO isn't that cheap either. Here is a comprasion between most common AO types and MSSAO(Blender for the base point):

Here is the scientific document for the method.
Here is the slide for easier understanding:

I know HBAO+ is released but this method is far more cheap as you can see on that table in the end of the writing(They tested on GTX 460M! and it is 23ms average). I believe this method will give us far more superior visuals than just SSAO. This feature is a must in my opinion.

Hey, is there an Backup of your MSSAO, Code?, looks like its not showing anymore!