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**MSL Toolkit


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This toolkit provides Menu, Settings, and Localization systems, with a wide range of features that can fit any project needs.

It can be used to build complex Menus with gamepad/keyboard/mouse navigation working seamlessly.

Menu system is a folder hierarchy based system, with the use of interaction presets, it can be used to create menus of any complexity level.

The Settings system is implemented with easy adding custom settings and their behavior has input rebinding and saving/loading.

Localization system is a very useful tool to use localize text and audio archives, and is more superior than the engine’s default localization dashboard.

All those systems can work separately but they are compatible with each other, in the example demonstration they are working together.

This system can help and speed up any menu building process in the engine and save much time, this is very big and complex system with simplified workflow.

**This is a support page post your questions freely.

P.S. More Tutorials and Playable demo is added.

Playable Demo Link:!6R9kEKBY!tIzz8atxz…ziqVar98-JoPSI**

4th Tutorial added, anyone who use this system post your questions freely and tell what you want to be improved.

New update is submitted, more polished and commented functional and simplified logic.

For summer sales now 20% off.

Hello. Today I bought the MSL Toolkit. I created a new game as required to download it and it works. The problem comes to me when I want to import it into a pre-existing game. Is it possible to have simple information about it? I spent all afternoon but I could not use it. Thank you.