MSI Laptop Questions

So I found a laptop I like that is of a very reasonable price point for me and wonder if it can successfully run UE4


15.6" FHD Matte Screen

Intel® Broadwell i7-5700HQ

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M [2GB] w/Optimus™ Technology


240GB SSD + 128GB M.2 SSD

3+ Hours / 5.29 lbs

855.54(USD) + shipping

THANK YOU :smiley:

I had a GTX965m in my previous machine, and it ran terribly.

OK thank you

I’d suggest getting a 860M or 960M at minimum, ideally a 970M or better.

Try to get a 970M (or the new 1060M when available) if possible. Otherwise 960M minimum.

Speaking of GTX 970, anyone heard about this and have some opinions?

Speaking of the 970, anyone heard about this and have some opinions?

At this moment I’m running on an MSI Apache GE70 laptop, with 12 gigs of ram, an i74700HQ, and a GTX860M graphics card. So far Unreal runs beautifully on my machine, I’ve barely had a single issue with it. Granted I haven’t done anything too fancy and don’t really plan on it, I’m mostly here for Paper 2d. The hardest I’ve pushed it was the particle effects tutorial series, and that worked without a hitch. If you’re going for a relatively cheap laptop to learn Unreal and do some basic stuff with it, this spec and up should work pretty well. Be warned though, high performance laptops are loud, expensive, and get really hot. You’ll get more bang for your buck building yourself a desktop if you can, I didn’t because I don’t have a space to put one.

Unreal Engine runs fantanstic on mine and I own a ASUS ROG Laptop and my specs are;

I7 4710 2.50GHz
Nvidia Gefore 970m
16 Gbs of ram
1tb HD