MSI Ghost Pro

Hi there,

I’m thinking about getting the MSI Ghost Pro (HD screen) and the 6GB version of the NVIDIA GTX870. Has someone experience with this rig and Unreal Engine 4? What can be expected in terms of performance and are there any issues I should know about?


I don’t have this machine, but there are a few things you are going to want to look at. Do you need a laptop? Is portability that important? It was for me, and so I also went with a laptop, but got the Asus ROG G750JS-DS71 (Is the name long enough!?!?). The next area to really pay attention to is the heat factor. UE4 will really push your GPU. The MSI uses a single cooling system for both CPU and GPU, so your system is will get hot as UE4 is GPU intensive. Make sure you invest in an extended warranty!
The GTX870 runs UE4 very well. That is what is in my laptop, except mine is the 3GB version, and everything I have run on it has not even come close to touching the limits of the RAM.

Hi, thanks for answering. I’m dividing my time between Berlin and Shanghai (and Barcelona in the future) so portability is an absolute must. Heat is definitely a factor and I heard that the MSI can get hot (although not as hot as the Blade). What frame rates do you get on High and Epic in the cave_map level of the Effects Cave? Atm my old Dell Precision (16GB RAM, Quadro 3000M) gives me a meager 10-14 fps (play mode in editor).

I yesterday also stumbled upon the Gigabyte P25X v2 with the GTX880. Also looks interesting and I guess I will wait for the first reviews before making a decision.


PS: yeah, ASUS has a finely tuned sense for naming devices :wink:

I’m getting over 30 fps at the most intense areas of the cave. Heat was a major factor for me, which is why I went with the ROG. It has one colling system for the CPU and another for the GPU.

im using msi gs60 pro, when im using the editor with realtime on my own projects, the temperatures went up to 85 - 92 C. normally i turn off realtime n my temp r around 70c