[MSI Dominator GTX1070 Laptop] Extreme lag/delay

I have a brand new MSI Dominator Laptop and it has a Nvidia 1070 for video, so it should have absolutely no problem. The UI in Unreal lags a lot, especially while dragging nodes, and it seems to lag more when i have other things open. No idea how too fix this because its extremely laggy in game view too.

There is countless reports of problems in 4.14. Try using a different engine version. I am on my alienware 17 with GTX970 using 4.12 with no lags or problems.

It has to do i think with unplugging my laptop because while hooked up it works fine! Ill accept though :slight_smile:

it is your power options then. You need to change them as well as inside of your nividia settings there is an option which on laptops default to best power saving I always switch it to preferred max performance. If you don’t know how to do this maybe I can make a video or we can get on a voip, and I can explain how to do it.