MRQ not rendering widgets. UE5-02

i’m trying to find a solution for some time now with no progress:

i’ve a widget that is used as a component of an actor that spawns when damage is applyed. It’s just a floating text block.
When i use legacy render it all goes as intended, but Movie render queue is not rendering widget unless i set it to world space(which is not a proper fix for my needs) - legacy renderer. - widget setup.

Hey @42Kam1 - did you ever find a solution to this?

unfortunately i have not. I just used a solution that works with world space widgets for rendering. This issue is not present in game, only while rendering with MRQ, so it’s not that critical to me any more, i haven’t even tested this on new engine versions.

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I found a fix for my issue & posting here if anybody ever runs into the same problem:

In Media Render Queue, adding the “UI Renderer” setting through the “+ Setting” button in the top left corner rendered the text for me. It’s not widgets but Text Render Component, but maybe this works.

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