Mr. Sadles Grand Adventure, aka Mr. Saddles Hurdle, previously Cat Herder.

Couldn’t change the name of my last topic så I spawned another one.

Small back story, I had to spend a lot of time finding our pet turtle, Mr. Saddles, in this big group of turtles. But since Mr. Sadles is quite different, he is higher then most turtles (tummy to top of shell), and have the shape of a saddle over his shell, I manage to find him quite quickly. Then I woke up and realized that neither me or my girlfriend has ever owned a turtle. I have morned Mr. Saddles ever since, thus the game is now dedicated to him.

The previous description for Cat Herder was, chu chu rocket’esque gameplay. In a grid based space, you place arrows, where Mr. Sadles or his friends later will run, when you press the play button.
You have a limted amount of arrows, and need to solve the puzzle of saving arrows while openenig up the path for all the turtles.

The progress is going forward, just small uninteresting things so far on the graphical front.

We can specify tile type in the editor. We can click a tile and spawn an arrow on top of it or despawn it by clicking again. We have our first mesh in game, a rock. Yay!

The next steps are, filtering in our trace, to just pick out our tile objects and no other meshs/actors.

Creating a basic pawn that will run forward, and when the time is right check the status of the tile he is in, if it’s an arrow, turn according to it, if it’s a blockage ahead turning 90 degrees Right.