Mr Boom's Firework Factory - A puzzle game with lots of explosions!

Hi all,

I’ve been working on this for quite some time, and now am in the progress of polishing it ready for release on steam. The game is a puzzle game with lots of explosions, where your objective is to get the crates from the machines to the exit in the correct order without them being destroyed.

I am currently running a closed beta, and fixing whatever bugs come up.

Feedback is welcome!



I think it looks great, but I am really curious how the gameplay is and if there is a storyline. Could you maybe launch a open beta one time? Or add me to the closed one?

What the heck happened to the claw? It was fine when you were showing how not to win and then it started glitching up when you were showing how to win the stage.

i can add you to the closed beta if you are intetested.

Please pm me if you want to join in, I’ll send you a link to the discord plus a steam key.

Same goes for anybody who wishes to help out! :slight_smile:

i think it just didn’t finish closing, one of many small animation glitches :slight_smile: I’ll put it on the Trello.

I have added many more levels to this game since last time I posted here. Most recently I have added Boxy, a malfunctioning welding robot obsessed with welding firework crates.

As always feedback is more than welcome!

Hi all!

I’ve created a new trailer for this game, i’m limited by my own ability to produce video and whatever resources I already have to hand. Feedback is welcome, please:

As this trailer shows a lot more of the more modern mechanics and environmental set pieces, this will probably be closer to the final trailer. Again, please do leave feedback and let me know what you think!