MPFPSK Animated Sniper Rifles


We’re going to start supplying weapons, items and animations for our MPFPSK. The weapons assets will be sold in separate packs while the placeholders and the corresponding animations will be integrated in the MPFPSK. Because we’re making use of placeholders, all users will need to do is import weapons through the marketplace to replace the weapon placeholders present in the MFPSK. This is a turn key approach that will require little to no knowledge of either blueprint or C++ to get started with your FPS game.

The goal is to provide users with a modular FPS project similar to CryEngine’s GameSDK project. MPFPSK is the only C++ FPS project on the marketplace. The performance of C++ over blueprints can be found here. In addition, the Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit or MPFPSK uses a unique approach for the character controller. It uses a unified single mesh, requiring only 1 animation and character model instead of two separate anims for separate FPP and TPP meshes. A few advantages are self casting shadows, less animation work and your character model can be used for both 1P and 3P views. This approach is similar to the one used in CryEngine’s GameSDK and many AAA titles like the new Star Wars Battlefront. For more information on the MPFPSK visit the thread here. If there is any particular sniper rifle that you’d like, please let us know and we’ll accommodate according to demand. I’ll keep this as a living thread to update progress on various weapon models.

First up is the brand new AT308 semi-automatic bolt action rifle with foldable stock followed by the AX308 semi-automatic bolt action rifle. These weapons will ship with two custom silencers. A hinge mounted and a screw on type for those who are particular about their silencers. They will also include optics as well as substance files so users can make their own skins.


Hinge Mounted Silencer **

Screw Mounted Silencer**


This method is not usable in many games and you can cast shadows with the normal method too.
And from the Cryengine Demo and the marketplace demo I see bad quality at the end since the viewmodel don’t have a good control and the third person looks like a robot with the same animations, and with this method using only one asset you can’t give more details to the weapons…

About BP vs C++, soon the BPs will be compiled to C++. Anyway you can’t compare like that…

By the way you can’t create DLCs for other marketplace items… that at least is what I know.

This package will work exactly like the other one I integrated in the FPS Kit, which Epic was ok with.
And why can’t you compare BP and C++ like that? C++ is indeed a lot faster than Blueprints. In my opinion Blueprints are a great way to get into the UE4 API and make simple game prototypes, but if you want to do anything more advanced than that you will eventually switch to C++. Or at leasts that’s what happened to me.
The performance is just one reason for, even if it will be compiled to C++ doesn’t mean that all the other flaws are gone.

To the first and third person meshes:
Yes you can cast shadows from your third person mesh, but it will not have the same animations as your first person view which will kind of destroy the immersion (like in the old CryEngine SDK).
Plus your character can’t cast shadows on the first person mesh. And how do you have less control over your character with this method? I assume by “Marketplace demo” you mean my FPS Kit, and I would argue that it has a pretty direct gunplay. If you think different please give me a more precise feedback and I will try to improve on it.
Lastly of course you can give weapons in the first person view more details, it could use a completely seperate mesh (with the same skeleton) or just use a lower LOD for third person view.

Any possibility on getting the Color ID map you use so we can do our own skins in Substance Designer?

Fictional but futuristic looking Sniper-Rifle… Bonus points if you can offer ways to customize the look of the weapon.
(There’s a real need for modular weapons on the marketplace, so that games don’t end up looking the same)

I am going to have to second a near future sniper rifle.

It might be cool to do one classic, one modern, and one future per pack. So like, mosin nagant, the above sniper and something futuristic. Just an idea.

Thanks for your valued feedback @franktech @OneShotGG!

I updated the OP with the textured rifle base excluding scope, bipod and silencer. The MPFPSK does come with a weapon loadout system that supports custom skins and attachments to weapons and items. Our modern sniper rifle pack will come with the Color ID map for each rifle (to make your own skins) as well as scope, bipod and silencer attachments. Did you need more customization than that? Are you looking for customization more along the lines of Loadout?

Our plan is to release generation specific packs to make it easier for people to theme their game. So this pack would be a our modern sniper pack and the next pack we could do either a sci-fi or a classic pack. This way, if you’re making a modern FPS game you’re not stuck with sci-fi weapons that you wouldn’t need. Does that work for you?

Sounds great!

No worries, happy to help!

Absolutely as much customization as possible!

Loadout’s Random is a neat feature, just not as OTT cartoony maybe.
So more subtle differences in the lines or very different additional ‘modular’ attachments would be better.

This is more work obviously, so if this needs to be sold as a separate pack or add-on that’s priced a little higher, so be it!

Goal isn’t to expect a weapon that’s so unique looking its an impossible ask for you as a marketplace creator.
But to avoid obvious criticism of sameyness (‘they use the same darn sniper rifle in every unreal game, just diff skins / scope / basic attachments’)

Updated with the latest renders, expect to see these on the marketplace very soon! Any feedback is welcomed!

Hey @franktech,

We have some cool plans for the MPFPSK weapon customization feature. Keep an eye on the MPFPSK support thread for the latest updates! My experience with some of the marketplace assets is some packs are bait for authors to upsell additional files needed for customization. This is upsell strategy is a prime contributor to cookie cutter games running the same assets. We’re taking a different route and including as much files as we can. I hope all this helps!

Cool, definitely interested… Thanks!

Hey I have bought the pack and have been developing a great game with it I do have a few questions about this. Like, where can I get the add ons mentioned in this thread I want to add sniper rifle? And I have AI going but how Do I add A weapon to him he just has arms out whats an easy fix for this?

Not sure about the new Star Wars, but most AAA titles, even CryEngine based ones, fake this.
They have a traditional FPS mesh along with the torso & legs of the character rendered over the game world.
If you talking about using a single in-game world mesh, you’re describing is a true first person viewpoint.
It is far from unique, even for UE4 :slight_smile:
Still a good approach though.