MPC parameter name change issues


I have some troubles with MPC parameter name. Once i create a parameter, i cannot change the parameter name and continue to refer to it in blueprint. Even though i have changed the reference in blueprint “Set Scalar/Vector Parameter” node, the node seems to keep the old reference (or to “none” reference if you have delete the old one before recreate it).

I’m not sure this is a bug, maybe i doing it wrong.
How can i fix it or reset the MPC parameters names ?

Hi again,

After doing some tests, i think that the Set Scalar Parameter “node core” doen’t set the default value for the parameter name while it seems it does in the “node interface” when you select a collection in the assets list (as shown in the previous screenshots).

For the new node i have placed in my blueprints, the default value was on “none” and for the others it was on the old out of date value (“fading” in my case) even if the node interface show something else.

I solved my problem by selecting another parameter name and then going back on the first parameter name in the same collection.