MP4 Video Playback using Media Framework (de-warping of Fisheye camera video with my c++ lib)

I need help writing a .mpg4 video file playback app using UE4 Media Framework.

Mac/Win (other platforms not required at this time)

Open .mp4 video file stored on hard drive (external to the app, but most likely in same folder as the executable), so a UI for viewing/selecting file system files is required. 2D only, no 3D requirements (I understand you get both but I won’t be needing any 3D (immersion) for this simplified 2D version)
Files are 5/4 aspect ratio 2560x2048 video frames.
Window should allow partial screen (sizable), and full screen mode (retaining aspect ratio of video)

Playback the video at 1x, 2x, 3x speeds. Play, pause, ff, rew buttons required, also position thumb required to scrub to desired location in video file. (reverse playback is not a requirement, is nice to have)
De-warping the fisheye video will be handled by my working c++ library, so will need access to the video frame buffer too allow alteration before displaying on target.
Pan Tilt Zoom capabilities
UI will allow user to click mouse on video playback image to control pan/tilt/zoom features… click to pan/tilt to location, click drag to live pan/tilt, and double click to zoom in/out toggle.

My hope is that you have built this app before and know exactly (if and) how this works in Media Framework.

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I would recommend doing the ‘dewarping’ by just editing the UVs of the mesh you are using.

Totally agree…