Mp3 vs wav?

Pardon me if this is a reoccurring discussion, but I’d really like to know if mp3 is a valid option somehow for UE4 right now? I’m developing for mobile, and the only way I’ve seen mp3’s getting used is to create playlists essentially to external files (which I doubt will get packaged up, not sure).

I’m worried my tracks will take up far too much space for mobile as wav files, I actually don’t think I can use that at all.

Is there a way to properly use mp3’s for mobile development?


AFAIK wavs get mixed down to .ogg anyway(you set compression value in sound assets in editor). You always want to start out with the best possible quality source material for best results.

Oh… looks like I’m missing something, thanks. What’s the best way to check how large your .ogg files will be? Do I have to compile to check it?

Currently my wav is 78Mb, that’s pretty large for a mobile game I reckon, especially since I’d want at least two tracks of similar length.

Thanks again for the help!

Oggs encode to similar size to mp3 with audible better quality. UE4 prefer 48khz, if you can upsample them before import you get better compatibility. 44Khz will be fine on most cases too.

Good info indeed, will upscale to 48. Could you elaborate on where this better compatibility come into play? Just curious, sounds like something I should always do either way.

Thanks for the fast responses!

I’ve been recently playing around with the granual synth and the timing was off when i used the 44khz sample, but then imported the same sample with 48khz and everything was working as expected. Also, in video standards the 48khz sample rate in audio is to be the expected format. 44.1khz is more like audio CD standard and that points out of the scope of visual mediums.

You get better compatibility once you use 48khz on this territory :slight_smile:

Gotcha, thanks again!