MP problem with client server, need some help here please

So for months we’ve tried to make a game, in BP and everything was fine…but then suddenly we couldnt connect or the other who connected just fell to the ground… so I started out with a new clean thirdperson example… starting with the mp stuff … now… if I dont touch anything… it seems to work but the moment you make an mainmenu map to start at everything starts to screw up.
Is it So that I basicly can just have the “world” map and nothing else to make this work or what is it with this engine?
And just so its said, No I do not want lobby…

wonder if it has todo with gameinstance really, because when I test with 2 players in editor, one is without pawn, and the other one is without controller but has pawn :)… Just love this…

How are you traveling to the world map from the main menu pics would be helpful

basicly how its done in Blueprint multiplayer tutorial from unreal, just switched the “lobby” with “world”

Trying now to blend in the TeamSelect found here on forums just to see, I’ll let you know tomorrow how it works

No, doesnt work that either, not on pie atleast… I will try with standalone…

Ok, starting with standalone on their own prossess, editor as client… one host and in this case wait for player to join before selecting character… seems a sucsess
Now to test if server choose a character before the other player

Yep Problem Solved, but thanx anyhow @Deftones4