[MP] Prevent Pawn from being destroyed when Client lose connection


Title says it all, if a player dropped, his PlayerController gets destroyed (i’m fine with it) and his pawn too (not fine with it).
I wanted to keep the Pawn alive for when the player connects back.

I could not find any solution for that issue…

any info ?


I only guess, but maybe in player controller is function “on disconnected” which call destroy pawn too, so i think try to override that function (if exist)… Check functions in pawn and controller and try to override that ones.

Btw do you know how to reconnect player? i tried to find it but unsuccessfully…

No such thing as Disconnect.
The only thing there is inside the gamemode : logout.
But that’s already too late, the pawn is gone.

How to reconnect player? not sure to understand what’s the problem, the player is just rejoining the server.