Moving wires does not work on reroute nodes

Moving wires with ctrl-click does not work on reroute nodes. As soon as you try it they snap back and nothing happens.

Hi Requios,

This is intended behavior. Since Reroute Node doesn’t have distinctly different input and output nodes, using Ctrl + LMB wouldn’t know which side you were attempting to remove wire from. Reroute Nodes have slightly different functionality from other nodes, but this is intentional and this is just an example of that. Thanks for feedback!

Thank you for response :slight_smile:
I understand that ctrl-clicking on reroute node itself would give problems with deciding what wire to take, but it is also possible to ctrl-click on one of connected wires close to it and drag that. In that case you do know which wire to take, but at moment that just snaps back and does nothing. Could that be fixed?

Ah, I see what you mean. Thanks for additional details! I entered a bug report for this (UE-15821) and I’ll let you know when I see any update on it. Thanks!

Yea this kinda annoys me a little because of when you collapse something say down into a macro or function and you have multiple inputs and/or outputs usually in my case coming from one source I find it easy to make a reroute then collapse reroute in with other script so I don’t have to reconnect all connections and I don’t have a huge list of connections made for macro function what ever after its collapsed I cant get connections off reroute to plug it into single source

maybe make it so when you drag reroute over something its connected to all connections on other side just get reconnected to thing it was dropped on don’t know if this would work but its a thought

anywho this is a miner annoyance so i’m guessing its not gonna get really looked at as a reroute node is still fine in end