Moving Vehicle Wheel Position - SOLVED


I’m trying to move the wheels on my vehicle and getting some strange results, i’ve tried using both default and xform reset methods and seem to get the same effect.

Moved wheels, in “PlayWindow” have moved correctly all fine
In Skeletal & Mesh Viewers the wheels are still in the original locations before I moved them.

In 3dsmax depending on which stack I select i.e Skin or Mesh - The skin stack shows correct and the mesh stack shows incorrect, I am guessing there is a direct relationship to what I am seeing in game but can’t quite put my finger on the method needed to get it to work correctly ? I have tried Xform, maybe in the wrong way on certain items so I’d be delighted in hearing any particular method I am missing here :slight_smile:

Problem is I cannot setup the Physics correctly for this as also this window shows the old positions of the wheels and very strange to have only the “Play Windows” showing the correct results ?

See pics attached

Any ideas ?



Help appreciated

Hey Guys,

Really scratching my head now :(, I’ve tried so many different ways to move the wheels & Suspension and attached mesh/bone selections attached to them, tried with xform etc but really haven’t sorted the correct method and constantly getting screwed up results.

Throw me a bone please :), a straight forward method for maybe I am missing something ?

Many Thanks

Well - I’ve sorted it myself :wink: - but thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Some images of my new test vehicle

If anybody has this issue, please feel free to shout and I’ll be happy to offer assistance as I know how frustrating it is not to get any replies or help.


How did you end up fixing this?

getting the same issue can u please tell me how did you fix it?