Moving UE_4.25 Engine Folder Path Again After Installed For Some Time

For people who wish to move the folder path of UE_4.25 again, here’s the guide i have tested with and it works, hoping that it can save you all some time.

  1. Close Epic Games Launcher.
  2. BACKUP your current engine folder (eg. UE_4.25) to anywhere else first (i prefer to back it up with Winrar in case your installation fail or Unreal Engine deleted your files)
  3. Open Epic Games Launcher again, uninstall the engine version 4.25.
  4. Close Epic Games Launcher.
  5. Open Epic Games Launcher again, install engine version 4.25.
  6. Let the installation load for awhile until downloading started.
  7. Pause the download and close Epic Games Launcher (there will be a prompt asking you to cancel installation, press Confirm).
  8. Look for a folder called .egstore in the latest downloaded engine folder path (eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\UE_4.25.egstore)
  9. Delete a folder called bps.
  10. Copy everything from your original engine folder to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\UE_4.25) **EXCEPT **a folder called .egstore.
  11. Open Epic Games Launcher again and click Resume.
  12. Let the installation and verification run, it should be good to go.

Note: The **Pending **folder in **.egstore **folder is the one decides whether you can resume your installation or not.

I just logged in to confirm that this method works flawlessly,
Thank you good sir