Moving UE5 Project to a new PC

Need to Move UE5 Project from underpowered laptop to new Production Workstation (Ryzen 9 -5950, 128 GB ram, GTX 3088 12 GB, 2+12 TBs Hardrive storage.

I would like to take my project files from the laptop and move them to the workstation to continue my current development. But I need all the files, including the assets to be recognized. I plan to download all the assets used in the project developed on the old machine onto the new machine!

Thank you in advance for your input and thoughts on accomplishing this task.

Hey there @TMGMain! Welcome to the community! The good news is, once you’ve imported assets to your project, all of it will be in the projects actual folder, so how you get the project to your new computer is pretty open as long as the entirety of the project files make it over.


Once you get the project to your new computer and open it, Uassets can be exported back out from the engine itself to it’s native filetype(s).

That said, I will recommend that you look into source control at this point, not only for this transfer (which if you have a ton of assets may not even be that easy of a step one) but in the future so you can roll your project back if you break anything major, or get it back if your new rig ends up exploding for any reason. If you’re looking to go into the industry, Perforce is pretty common, but on the indie side we tend to use Github/Gitlab and Git. It’ll be a tough start but once you get it, it’ll be immensely helpful!

I hope this helps!

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Thank you SupportiveEntity for your guidance and solution to this matter! Yes, I am getting into the industry as an Indie and GitHub will be my next step going forward. Again, Thank you.