Moving through rooms

Can Unreal Engine be used to create a website on which the user clicks on either of two doors, the door opens, and the user is moved through the doorway and into the next room. Then the user can click on either of two doors there, the door opens, and the user is moved through the doorway and into the next room. The user would pass through a dozen or so rooms. in each room there would be writing on the doors and wall explaining the choice between doors that had to be made. If this can be done, how can I find someone who knows how to do this well?

Pixel streaming is how you put your game on a website. You can just make a game like this, and then use pixel streaming to make it playable from a website. I know that’s the answer, but nothing about pixel streaming:

If all the rooms are identical other than the writing on the wall and the destinations of the doors, I would be tempted to implement just one room, and use a Blueprint script to modify the room the player is in, while simulating a brief “load screen” to make it appear they have moved to a different room.

This cries out to be a data-driven design, with two tables of data like this:

  Room_Number               Door_1_Link        Door_2_Link
        1                       2                    3
        2                       4                    5
        3                       6                    7

Room_Number           Wall_Text
        1    You must choose one of these doors. Where do they lead?
        2    Oh, such a mystery. How will you choose just one door?
        3    You made your first choice, but you now face another.

There are all sorts of ways to simulate a load screen, and if you aren’t actually loading a different level, the performance requirements of this would be very small.

If you need more than just different text, such as some props or different lights, you could consider using the Socket Manager to have pluggable sockets around your level, then let your level Blueprint also attach different room-specific Actors to these sockets depending on the current room number.

If you need to localize this game for different languages, the text lookup table could be extended to have the ISO language and/or country code as a third column, so the lookup key becomes a combination of the current room number and the localization code (e.g., instead of looking up “room_number=15” you might look up “room_number=15 and locale=en_US”).

Good luck!